Doctoral Recital

The Contemporary America20150105_DSC_7546n Program: Art Pop(Tori Amos), Standard Pop, Jazz(Billie Holiday), Bossa Nova(Asturd Gilberto), Electronic, Experimental, Musical Theatre and Spirituals

Tatiana Thibodeaux, piano

Carol Lisek, vocals & Mari Sullivan, vocals

Chris Hackman, bass & sythn & Efren, guitar

Cris Law Doctoral Recital: April 11th, Saturday 4:00pm at the Mudd Theatre: Claremont School of Theology (CST), 1325 N. College Ave., Claremont, California. The is a free event, parking is free at the CST campus.

7 thoughts on “Doctoral Recital

  1. I can surely drive my new Honda Accord from Long Beach all the way to Claremont. So I’ll be there.


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