Since childhood, Cris has always enjoyed listening to his mom sing. She would lose herself in pure happiness, dancing and singing in her rare moments of free time. He didn’t know it then, but It was a moment that she could feel free from her troubled marriage.

 He gravitated towards singing very early on and participated in an advanced children’s choir in Hong Kong where he discovered many genres of music, from American classics like The Sound of Music to Rachmaninoff.

 He learned that he is a countertenor, or male alto, one of the rarest voices. He was able to sing high notes and sing nearly ethereal music. He loved the technical challenge and the response from the audience. He was moved to continue his music career, and push his artistic limits

 Cris has completed a Master of Arts in Vocal Performance from Claremont Graduate University and Master of Arts Management from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

 Some of his projects include:

European Solo Concert Tour to London, Paris, & Turin (2014); the digital release of “Handel’s Messiah Alto Arias” (2015); Music Director for several musical theatre productions in Southern California and China (2016).

He is currently the Artistic Director of the Long Beach Community Chamber Singers and work extensively as a performer, voice teacher, accompanist, and choral director throughout Southern California.

 Cris’s debut Baroque Album “Legacy” was recorded in 2018. It is a very special project in paying tribute to one of his beloved voice teachers and legendary countertenor of the 20th and 21st century – Brian Asawa.

 He has found his pop sound inspired by the memorable melodies and fun sound of the 80s and 90s. The release of synthpop singles “Feel!”, “#WIYH” and “Let Me Go” has led to numerous performances and collaborative experiences.

 In his spare time, he and his partner Christopher find appreciation for Bellini and Caccini, their fluffy cats, of course. 


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